Latest in the list of lighting news the Moon Brights come from the Movie world used to illuminate large areas during night set. They are become very useful in the context of marriages to decorate and at the same time provide good lighting for large spaces. Each moon can reach 1 kw of light, the balloons are hoisted to a height determined according to the type of moon: with stand (about 5mt high) with helium gas (about 15mt high). All moons sphere are dimmable and each one cover an area up to 30 m radius. They are an excellent solution for outdoor events such as dinners, garden lighting



The mirror ball are still a fashion design objects their charm remains indelible in time and they are adaptable to any type of environment, not necessarily only dance context but also as decorative solution. We have various sizes up to 75 cm diameter.



This solution is usefull where the location does not offer basic lighting. Or to decorate and implement the lighting on gazebos, alternatively they may be used in a complementary manner to optimize the aesthetics looking.